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BikeVis Bullets LED Marker Lights

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Bike Vis Bullets super bright LED marker lights made in England by bikers!

Motorcycle Accessory of the year 2009 award from!

XJ600 Yamaha (Euro Version) with Bike Vis Bullets

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  • Bike Vis Bullets on the Whitehorse Gear Super 'Strom
  • Bike Vis Bullets on BMW
  • Honda Scooter in UK with Bike Vis Bullets
  • Typical Bike Vis Bullet Installation
  • Bike Vis Bullets on BMW R1150GS Adventure
  • One inch long Bike Vis Bullet
  • Each "bullet" is one inch long and only one half inch in diamter with a self-adhesive bottom
  • Here's the leading edge of a "bullet"

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What is tiny, weighs about an ounce, and will make your bike stand out in traffic? A pair of BikeVis Bullets! BikeVis Bullets are unique, award-winning, high-powered light pods to get you seen out on the street. Utilizing the very latest super bright, white and red LED technologies these miniature lights really stand out! They not only make sure you are seen by others, but they look great on your bike.

Now available in either white, $29.95 per pair or red, $34.95 per pair. Both colors of Bullets are version 2.

BikeVis Bullets are small, self-adhesive, weatherproof pods, so they can be mounted just about anywhere. Put them on the side of a fairing, tucked away under a ram air scoop or on your dash or fender. And unlike power-hungry auxiliary lights, BikeVis Bullets draw only 72 mA or about one watt each! Even the smallest motorcycle or scooter can easily power several pairs of BikeVis Bullets. Hand made in England by motorcyclists. No foolin'!

Technical Stuff: BikeVis Bullets feature a simple 2 wire hook up, so anyone qualified to connect motorycle wiring can easily add a pair (or two, or three) so they come on with the ignition switch. No relays, extra switches or complicated wiring required. Service life is 50,000 hours or roughly 6 years of non-stop riding. (Just imagine, at 40 miles per hour BikeVis Bullets would last 2 million miles!) On a side note the wiring comes out of the self-adhesive bottom surface, so depending on where you want to mount the Bullets, you may need to drill a tiny hole in the mounting surface for the wiring to pass through. Alternatively you can mount the Bullets on the trailing edge of a flat surface and run the wire behind the fairing, fender, etc. Either way, BikeVis Bullets are a fast, brilliant, and inexpensive way to make your bike stand out on the road, day or night. Both still and video photography do not do justice to the intensity of light that is produced by these rugged LED bullets. It's hard to describe just how bright they are in person, until you've seen them yourself.

To make your Bike Vis Bullets "glint" or sparkle if you will, order the Bike Vis Pod Modulator, product code: PODM.

And finally here's some legal stuff you should know, no matter where you live and ride: 

It's likely that Bike Vis Bullets either with or without a PodModulator are not federally authorized for use on public roads. They're not part of any OEM lighting package so they won't be defined in the FMVSS (Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards) which specifies and authorizes things like horns, lights, tires, etc. for use on public roads in the USA. Then of course there could be a million state or local laws in the mix too. It's nice when things are simple, right?  That being said, we've never heard of a rider in this country or any other who was ever bothered by LEOs for using these lights. They're not harmful to other road users in any way and they help you stand out in traffic and as such, to be safer. It's encouraging to see that a little common sense seems to go a long way with regard to this sort of "blind eye to not specifically authorized lighting".  We think it's a great example of "live and let live".  Ride safely.

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